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  Electric Motor
Brushless can motor

IR201554 motor with gearbox

Tahmazo IR-201554 with gearbox is a 3-phase AC synchro motor with tightly packed windings to deliver high magnetic concentration for optimum power. They are fitted with dual ball bearing and heat-treated hardened shaft to give you maximum efficiency.

This package is the Tahmazo IR-201554 fitted with a light-weight aluminium gearbox acts as a heatsink to improve the motor's efficiency. The gearbox comes with different gear ratio 4:1,5:1 & 6:1.


  • Cells: 6-10 cells Nicad/NiMh or 2-3 cells Lithium polymer
  • Shaft diameter: 3mm
  • Gear ratio: 4:1,5:1 and 6:1
  • Weight: 61g

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