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  Speed Controllers
M series for brushless motors
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M1310-3s ESC

Using the latest processor, Tahmazo speedcontrollers are equipped to give user extremely fine 1024-steps and very soft start capability. It can handle short-period overload with the built-in 'current-fuse' system and residual energy for BEC or cut-off voltage to ensure safety of model and speedcontroller.

Other features include:

  • Possibility of immediate use with no programming required
  • Programming can be done using transmitter or PC (via TahmazoTM USBCOM module)
  • Capable of setting residual energy so that adequate energy is retained in case of cut-off voltage
  • Masking of signal interference and losses for smoother performance up to 1.5sec.
  • BEC setting for 5V or 6V.
  • Small and light weight


  • Dimension: 25x23x6mm
  • Weight with connectors:9g
  • No. of NiMH/Nicad cells: 6-10
  • No. of Li-ion/Li-Po cells: 2-3
  • Max current: 13A
  • Max current for 5sec: 16A
  • Motor frequency: PWM 8kHz

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