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Multi Charger
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T15 AC/DC Power Up

Tahmazo T15 Power Up AC/DC charger will charge from anywhere with its easy-to-program and advanced charging technology.

T15 AC/DC can now be powered with DC11-15v or AC100-240v* wall outlet. The T15 AC/DC charger will charge Nicad,NiMh, Lithium Polymer, Lithium Ion and Lead-acid batteries up to a maximum current of 5amps.

The features of the T15 AC/DC Power Up charger are:

  • Input power from 12v lead acid battery, DC11-15v power supply or AC100-240v wall outlet
  • Capable of charging 1-14 Nicad/NiMh cells, 1-5 Lithium cells, 2-12v lead-acid batteries
  • Adjustable charge (0.1-5.0A) and discharge current (0.1-1.0A)
  • Easy to program with advanced microprocessor controlled charging and discharging system
  • Programmable cycle mode (charge to discharge/discharge to charge) up to 5 cycles for Nicad/NiMh batteries
  • LCD with backlightAudible function alarmBuilt-in safety features
  • Capable of displaying charging data such as individual cell voltage when interfaced with Tahmazo T6B Active Balancer

* Power Cable not included

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