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LP-4 Lithium Polymer Meter

Tahmazo LP-4 is a Lithium Polymer Meter, that displays the voltage of your lithium polymer pack. Designed with pins so that you can connect LP-4 to lithium polymer pack's balancing connectors.

LP-4 will display the voltage of each individual lithium cell when using the Tahmazo TL-4 lithium polymer charger. The cable is supplied for you to connect the LP-4 to the charger.

Tahmazo LP-4 is a fuel gauge that will tell you the voltage of each lithium cell in the pack and it can be used for lithium polymer, lithium ion and A123 cells.

Features of Tahmazo LP-4:

  • Light weight and portable
  • Measure voltage of lithium battery up to 4-cells
  • 2-line 16 character LCD
  • Easy to use measuring device
  • Polarity protection

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