TS-D8051 Servo


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Tahmazo’s Carbonite Gear are the latest series of high performance servos with carbonite gears and ball bearings. Carbonite Gear is designed to give you a consistent and dependable feel with smooth movement and high-precision.

TS-D8051 is a standard size metal/carbonite gear servo with ball bearings for high torque operations, designed for big model planes and helicopters that requires high torque.

The specifications of TS-D8051 are:

  • 7.1kg.cm(98.6oz.in)
  • 7.7kg.cm(106.9oz.in)
  • 0.13sec/60°
  • 0.11sec/60°
Dimensions: 39.5×19.5×36.7mm or 1.5×0.7×1.4in
Weight: 47.6g (1.67oz)
Operating travel: 60° (full travel)
Box includes: TS-D8051 servo, servo mounting screw and
servo horns (Futaba type)