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Tahmazo Thrust Meter measures the thrust of your motor from the comfortable of a desktop. The universal motor mount is designed to fit motors from diameter 12mm to 50mm and can measure up to a maximum weight of 9.9kg. Thrust Meter will measure the static thrust of your electric setup – motor, speedcontroller, propeller and battery pack.

The Thrust Meter displays the static thrust generated by the motor (in kg,lb or oz), with the speedcontroller, propeller and battery pack. With the Thrust Meter, finding the right propeller for your model will be easy, without having to install and fly the model.

The Tahmazo Thrust Meter takes away the guesswork of finding the right combination of motor and propeller and shows the static thrust. If the static thrust equals the flying weight of the model, the flight thrust will be more than the weight of the model.

The package of Tahmazo Thrust Meter includes:

  • Tahmazo Thrust Meter
  • Motor Mounting Plate
  • 2 x Hex Screws and allen wrench (to secure motor mounting plate to Thrust Meter)

The specifications are:

  • Dimension: 159x118x24mm
  • Motor diameter: 12 ~ 50mm
  • Thrust readings: 5 ~ 9,995g
  • Units of reading:kg, lb, oz
  • Accuracy: 5g
  • Power supply: 3 x AA battery


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