Tahmazo SVR5-5/6V 5A Switchable Voltage Regulator


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The Tahmazo SVR5-5/6V 5A Voltage Regulator is a Switching Voltage Regulator (or Switching BEC) that allows you to switch between 5V and 6V to customize your needs of the servos (torque/speed) on your model. It features built-in heat sinks to help dissipate heat efficiently. It can take any battery source (NiCd, NiMH, LiPo or LiFe) of 7.0 to 17.0V.


Function: Switching Voltage Regulator
Output Voltage: 5.0 – 6.0v
Output Current: 5.0A (continuous)
4.0A (for 20 seconds)
5.0A (for 15 seconds)
Peak current varies according to
the input voltage applied and these
readings are based on 3mph
airflow over the SVR5-5/6V. Servo
connectors are not rated for current
exceeding 5.0A.
Input Voltage: 7.0v – 17.0v
Weight: 16.2g
Dimension: 34x19x15mm


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