Tahmazo Plastic Elf Retracts (Main)


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Tahmazo Elf Retracts are lightweight designed, reliable and suitable for models up to 2.0Kg. The retracts feature a reliable built-in self locking actuators that do not require additional servos and linkages. Its thin profile design allows ease of installation.

 Product Features:

  • Built-in actuators on each retract eliminates the need for complex linkages.
  • Safe start feature prevents any damage due to incorrect switch position on the transmitter when turned on. Retracts will not operate if transmitter switch is not correct.
  • The nose retract has a built-in steering mechanism. It can be linked to rudder servo inside the fuselage.
  • When the retracts are accidentally jammed during operation, the power will be automatically cut off by the internal circuit preventing continuous power drain battery and damage to the actuator.
  • Easy length adjustment with the use of the included wheel axle. Accessories included: 1) Y-cable 2)Wheel Axle


  • Type: Built-in retractable electric drive unit
  • Operating Voltage: 4.8V ~ 8V (voltage no greater than a 4-cell Ni-Cd is recommended in preventing any damage the receiver)
  • Control signal: Positive Pulse rate of 1200μs ~ 1800μs
  • Wheel weight: Up to 60g/4.8V per retract
  • Overload Protection: Cut off when overload operates more than 2 seconds
  • Operating temperature: 0°C to 50°C (at 10°C or less, the unit will experience slow operation)
  • Weight: Main retract: 42g, Nose retract: 50g