Tahmazo Onboard LiPo Meter (2-3 Cells)


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Tahmazo Onboard LiPo Meter (2-3 Cells) is a lightweight device to track your battery’s power before flying your model. It can be used with Tahmazo switching regulator such as Tahmazo SVR switching regulators to measure the voltage of a pack of 2-3 cells lithium polymer pack.


  • Seven LED indicator for the battery voltage usage
  • Dedicated to LiPo Battery
  • Switchable between 2 cells (7.4V) or 3 cells (11.1V)
  • Light indicator shows the voltage per cell. Actual voltage can be calculated by the number of cells


Dimension: 30 x 15 x 3.3mm
Weight: 2.5g
Battery: 2 to 3 cell LiPo


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