T6B V2 Lithium Cell Balancer


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Tahmazo T6B ‘Active Balance’ will balance your lithium packs including LiFe cells anywhere and anytime.

Tahmazo T6B V2 actively balance your lithium battery pack from the moment you connect your pack. T6B detects any voltage differential between the cells and starts to balance them, even though it is not a fully charged pack.

Connect the T6B V2 to your lithium-capable charger or Tahmazo chargers and you can ‘balance’ charge your lithium packs up to 12-cells *.

The features of Tahmazo T6B V2 are:

  • Balances 2-6 cells pack
  • Charge rate up to 10A
  • ‘Active’ or self balancing without connecting to any charger
  • Capable of voltage data output with data interface cable (when connected to Tahmazo chargers)
  • Able to network two(2) T6B V2 for balancing up 12-cells pack

The package includes:

  • T6B V2 lithium balancer
  • 2 to 6 cells connectors
  • Data interface cable (connect to Tahmazo charger for readout of each individual cell data)

* Each T6B will balance up to 6-cells lithium pack. When you network two(2) T6B together, you can then balance up to 12-cells lithium pack.


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