T30V2 Active Power Charger


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T30V2 Active Power charger has dual-port charging using the latest charging software with graphical displays of charge and discharge curves.

T30V2 Active Power charger can charge/discharge/cycle your battery packs and displays the operation from its 8×21 character large LCD with backlight.

With lithium batteries, the T30 Active Power charger can charge up to 2C, and displays the voltage and equalisation of individual cells in the pack (using the Tahmazo T6B Active Balancer).

Features of the T30 Active Power charger:

  • Dual-port charging output
  • 1-30 cells Nicad/NiMh
  • 1-12 cells lithium polymer or A123 battery
  • 1-12 cells lead-acid battery
  • 4-8 cells Nicad/NiMh (only from auxillary output)
  • Max charge current: 10A
  • Max discharge current: 5A
  • Input voltage: 11-15V DC
  • Charging method: Automatic, Normal, Linar, Reflex and CV-CC (for lithium battery)
  • Intuitive program menu with dial and pushbutton control
  • Store up to 10 different battery configurations
  • Allow customisation of name of charger/battery configuration, LCD constrast, sound alerts and many more
  • Built-in warnings including reverse polarity, wrong connections and improper input voltage
  • Adjustable delta peak sensitivity, trickle charge current and maximum capacity to charge
  • Dimension:156x143x55mm
  • Weight:740g


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