T210X Lithium Powered Starter


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T210X is the latest Tahmazo starter powered by lithium cells. Using the proven gear system, this portable starter is now equipped with a 4-cells lithium pack (14.8v) to boost its operating duration.

The T210X starter can be charged using Tahmazo line of chargers with balancers, such as the T15 AC/DC Power Plus or the TL-4 lithium dedicated charger, by simply connecting the T210X balancing connectors to the chargers.

This newly improved T210X has been successfully tested to start engines on 90 class helicopters and F3A competition models fitted with YS DZ170 or OS FS200P. No more entangling starter cable or cumbersome starter boxes with this Tahmazo T210X – it is portable, easy to use and packed with power for most engines up to 210.

T210X comes with a silicon starter cone that will provide maximum grip for the spinner or starter shaft, while the battery stand provides a firm support for the starter.