T210 All-In-One Starter


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T210 All-In-One starter is equipped with a powerful gear system designed to deliver higher torque for starter up to 30cc glow engines.

Starting a glow engine requires not only a starter but also the glow starter and starter battery. T120 packs them All-In-One! The glow starter holder clip is attached with the starter for easy access when starting the engine. The starting battery of 14.4v is also attached on the battery stand for maximum portability and power.

The package includes:

  • Starter with built-in gear system
  • Adaptor for battery pack
  • Series connector for battery pack
  • 2 x 7.2v NiMh 3000mAH battery packs
  • Starter cone
  • Glow Clip Holder – for holding the glow clip or glow booster. With this glow clip holder attached to the T180 starter, you will have all the starting equipment at your reach.