T180 Starter with portable battery pack


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Tahmazo T180 starter is a portable starter with built-in planery gear system designed to deliver higher torque. This starter comes with a battery stand and 2 packs of racing car battery for maximum portability.

With the T180 starter, there is no need to carry a 12v battery pack for starting engine or entangling cables during the starting of engines.

The package includes:

  • Starter with built-in gear system
  • Adaptor for battery pack
  • Series connector for battery pack
  • 2 x 7.2v NiMh 3000mAH battery packs
  • Starter cone
  • Glow Clip Holder- for holding the glow clip or glow booster. With this glow clip holder attached to the T180 starter, you will have all the starting equipment at your reach.