T15 AC/DC Power Plus Charger


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T15 Power Plus is an innovative multi-function charger with built-in lithium balancer, designed to maximise charge efficiency using its advanced charging algorithm with precise digital control of the charging and discharging process.

T15 Power Plus charger is an all-in-one charger that can charge NiCd,NiMh, Lithium Polymer, A123 (or LiFePO4) and Lead-acid batteries. You can use this charger with either DC12-15v or AC110-240v from your wall socket.

During the charging/discharging process, the T15 Power Plus will display the voltage, current of the battery pack as well as the voltage of the individual lithium cell if they are connected to the built-in balancing adaptor.

The T15 Power Plus can be programmed to cycle your battery pack by charging then discharging or discharging then charging. The charger will also display detailed data such as charge/discharge capacity of battery pack, peak charging voltage and average discharging voltage. The delta-peak sensitivity for Nicad and NiMh batteries is adjustable depending on the performance requirement of the battery pack.

The Tahmazo T15 Power Plus also incorporates safety features such reverse polarity protection and warning when charging lithium batteries without balancing.


  • A truly all-in-one charger/balancer that incorporates a built-in lithium (Li-Po/Li-Ion/Li-FEPO4) balancer for 2-6 cells. Each individual cell voltage at 1/100% accuracy can be displayed from the charger
  • Built-in switching power supply provides a more constant power to the charger
  • Dual input voltage of DC11-15V or AC100-240V/50-60Hz

  • Capable of charging and discharging 1-14 cells Nicad/NiMh, 1-6 cells Lithium Polymer/Lithium Ion/LiFePO4 and 2-12v Lead-Acid cells.
  • Adjustable charge current (0.1-6.0A)

  • Adjustable discharge current (0.1A-1.0A) Auto limited to a maximum of 5W

  • “Constant current/Constant Voltage” charge method for lithium batteries and lead-acid batteries

  • Pack cycling (Charge to Discharge/Discharge to Charge)

  • 2-line, 16 character, blue backlit LCD

  • Built-in intelligent balancing circuit that will individually balance each lithium cell within the tolerance of 5mV during charge or discharge

  • “On-board Voltage monitoring” displays voltage of each cell on the screen during balancing

  • Various warning messages for improper input voltage, wrong connections, unsuitable battery condition and reverse polarity on output

  • Packaged in a rugged, extruded aluminum case


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