Servo Program Box


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Tahmazo Servo Program Box adds flexibility to Tahmazo programmeable servos by being able to setup the servos with various parameters including,

  • travel angle
  • dead-band width
  • speed
  • acceleration
  • signal speed
  • direction
  • end-point adjustments

Tahmazo Servo Program Box can also be used as a servo tester and can connect up to 2 servos. The Servo Program Box can also program fail-safe position of the Tahmazo Programmeable servo (if these servos are working with non failsafe radio system).

What are the benefits of programmeable servos?

Programmeable servos can be programmed to serve in different roles such as ‘retract servo’ or ‘scale hatch servo’ or ‘normal servo’, by adjusting the travel angle, speed and dead-band width to suit your purpose. In doing so, the finer resolution of the Tahmazo digital servos is retain, to give you smoother and more accurate control of your models.


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