PRO.C Max HV120A High Voltage Speedcontroller


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Pro.C Max HV 120A speedcontroller is a high-voltage premium speedcontroller incorporate with safety features including TPF(Thermal Protection Function) that monitors real-time temperature of the speedcontroller and reduces the power output in steps to avoid over-heating and ASP-Anti-Spark that eliminates sparks from connecting battery source. 

Tahmazo Pro.C Max speedcontrollers are versatile and easy-to-program.

Some of the features of this Pro.C Max speedcontrollers are:

  • Safe-Start function (SSF) prevents accidental propeller rotation until the speedcontroller is deliberately ‘armed’
  • Anti-Spark (ASP) reduces the sparks when connecting battery source
  • Thermal Protection Function (TPF) reduces the power output of the motor in steps when the temperature exceeds the safety level of the FETs.
  • Signal Filter System (SFS) filters the receiver signal to ensure the correct receiver signal is received and prevents noise from interfering with the operation
  • Power recover function(PRF) where power will reset and recover when the throttle is move to the minimum or ‘low’ position, after power is cut off due to extremem temperature or lower voltage while in flight.

 The speedcontroller can be programmed using the Pro.C Max Program Box


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