Mini Servo Tester


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Tahmazo® Mini Servo Tester is a card size servo tester with high sensitivity (4µS per step) suitable for most servos.

This compact 5.9g Mini Servo Testercan operate from 4.8v to 6.0v depending on your servo requirement and up to two(2) servos* at any one time.

With the Tahmazo® Mini Servo Tester, you can test or set neutral for your servos anywhere and anytime, by simply pushing a button. The Mini Servo Tester has 4 modes: Auto Sweep, End Point, Neutral and Fine.

Dimension: 65x38x3mm
Input Voltage:4.8-6.0v
Pulse Width:900µS-2100µS
Output pulse width step:4µS

* not suitable for gyro specific servos


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