M2510-3P Brush Motor ESC


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Tahmazo M2510-3P is a programmeable speedcontroller for brush motor.

Features of the above speedcontroller:

  1. Cutoff for low battery and temperature
  2. Safe start detection for safety of modellers
  3. Manufactured with surface mounting from high end components
  4. Protective mechanism to eliminate the possibility of unwanted damage of motor, battery or controller itself
  5. Special masking of interference and ‘drop-outs’ to avoid unusual behaviour of model
  6. Full programming enables setting of battery type and brake
  7. Suitable for most type of brush type motors
  8. Safe start detection for safety of modellers


  • Dimensions (in mm): 25x17x10.7
  • Number of Nicad/NiMh cells: 5 to 10
  • Number of Li-Ion/Li-Po cells: 2 to 3
  • Model: BEC Enabled
  • Max. current: 35A
  • Weight without power connectors: 19.5g

Note: BEC denotes battery elimination circuit