LP-4B Lipo Meter and Balancer


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LP-4B is a multi-functional lipo meter that will measure the voltage of each cell of your lithium pack and condition the pack. LP-4B will balance the battery pack based on the cell with the lowest voltage.

LP-4B balances the pack with up to a maximum current of 150mAH and the balancing function is activated manually by pressing the button on the LP-4B.

Features of Tahmazo LP-4B:

  • Light weight and portable
  • Measure voltage of lithium battery up to 4-cells
  • 2-line 16 character LCD
  • Easy to use measuring device
  • Balancing of lithium battery pack (using JSTXHP connectors)
  • Polarity protection

An example of using the Tahmazo LP-4B lipo meter and balancer. If the difference in the cell voltage between the highest and lowest cell is more than 0.03v after usage, it will suggest an unbalanced battery pack. This condition will result in a less than optimal performance when using the pack.


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