IR282534DF brushless motor


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IR282534DF is a 3400KV (500W) motor designed for 69mm ducted fan EDF power system. This motor is tested with the Tahmazo DF-69 Type-2 ducted fan and generates a static thrust of 1,150g or 1.15kg with Tahmazo 4-cells 2200mAH lithium pack.

The specifications for IR282534DF are:

  • RPM per volt: 3400
  • Shaft diameter: 4mm
  • Dimension: 28x51mm
  • Weight: 140g
  • Max current: 40A
  • Nicad/NiMh: 6-14 cells
  • Lithium polymer: 2-4 cells

Included in the motor are:

  • Propeller adaptor 4mm
  • Bullet connectors (3.5mm) for speedcontroller