IR2025/4200DF & DF-55 Type-2 fan assembly


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IR2025/4200DF & DF-55 Type-2 ducted fan unit is a tried and tested combination used in the V-Pro’s Mirage 2000-10 (designed by OK Model) producing a thrust of 520g with Tahmazo 3-cells 1700mah lithium pack.

The IR2025/4200DF brushless motor fits tightly into the DF-55 Type-2 to give maximum efficiency and effective cooling to the assembly. The cooling fins and cone-shaped end cover of the motor is specially engineered for the IR2025/4200DF motor with such high KV and ducted fan usage.

The following data is recorded when testing the DF-55 Type-2 ducted fan unit with Tahmazo IR-2025/4200DF using Tahmazo 3S1700S lithium battery:

  • RPM: 37,000
  • Max Current:20.1A
  • Thrust: 520g