ER2212/720 brushless motor


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ER2212/720 brushless outrunner motor is designed for RC airplanes with all up weight of about 500-1000g. The motor comes with propeller adaptor, radial mount and all the screws and connectors.

The motor shaft is reversible (with c-clip grooved on the shaft) for both front and back mounting of the motor. The ER2212/720 is an ideal replacement for Speed 370 and Speed 400 motor/gearbox with higher efficiency and performance.

The specification of the motor is:

  • RPM/V (or KV): 720
  • Dimension: 24.0×27.8mm
  • Shaft diameter:3.17mm
  • Weight:55.4g

The package for this motor includes:

  • ER221217 brushless motor (with gold connectors)
  • Radial mount and screw sets for back mount
  • Propeller adaptor
  • Screw sets for front and back mount
  • Connectors for ESC