ER2208/1360 Dual Mount series


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ER2208/1360 Dual Mount brushless motor comes with 2 types of mounting-Stick mount or Radial Mount, designed to suit all types of models. It is a high efficiency and light weight brushless outrunner designed for size models from 300g to 850g, and for up to 500g for 3D airplanes.

This motor package is also equipped with radial mount and stick mount, propeller adaptor 3.17mm, mounting screws and gold connectors for ESC. The stick mount is designed for a 10x10mm stick with mounting screws included.

The specifications for this motor is:
 RPM/V (or Kv): 1360
 Max current: 12A
 Dimension: 27.8×24.7mm
 Shaft diameter: 3.17mm
 Weight: 43.2g

Some sample test results from our test bench:

Propeller Voltage(V) Current(A) Thrust(g) RPM Watt(W)
8×6 9.9 15.4 573 8250 144
6×5.5 10.8 8.7 303 12420 90