DF-69 Ducted Fan Unit Type II


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DF-69  is a 69mm ducted fan unit has a 5-blade fan design and is recommended for V-Pro’s Mig-15 and L-39 EDF (designed by OK Model).

With a more in-depth understanding the characteristic of the EDF airflow, this revolutionary design of the DF-69 Type II fan blade has increased the thrust of the EDF, hence providing more power. With that, it has also set the record speed or 206km/h in 2008 for the fastest EDF with the OK Model Mig-15.

DF-69  ducted fan unit coupled with the Tahmazo IR282542DF, clocked 206km/h in the Mig-15 EDF model in a Japanese magazine review.

DF-69 has a internal diameter of 69mm and a outer diameter of 90mm suitable for 90mm fan class EDF.