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Tahmazo T37 Twin Multi Charger - Dual output

T37 Twin Charger doubles the power with dual output for both independent and simultaneous charging and discharging.

T37 Twin charger incorporates the latest charging software that will

  • improve the charging and discharging time,
  • optimises the battery performance by its new charging algorithm and system,
  • displays the charging and discharging system via USB port

T37 Twin charger has 2 independent and simultaneous charging and discharging port, and the input power for each channel can also be programmed.


RC Heli reviewed Tahmazo T15 Power Plus in Dec 08 issue

RC Heli, a leading RC helicopter magazine, introduced Tahmazo line of products in the US, including Tahmazo chargers, Watt Meter and speedcontrollers. Ryan reviewed the Tahmazo T15 Power Plus giving the charger a score of 9.5 out of 10.


Tahmazo T30 charger in Model Airplane News

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Tahmazo T30 charger was listed as one of the hot items for this summer in the July 2008 issue of the Model Airplane News.

Tahmazo Contra Rotation motor

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Tahmazo Power Unit for V-Pro Red Baron demonstrates the contra-rotating motor on this scale Red Baron. This power unit replicates the actual scale engine developed for the Red Baron (In 1979, it broke the world's speed record).

At high speed, the contra-rotating propellers cancel-out the torque-effect normally created by single propeller, resulting in a more efficient and streamline airframe design. 

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