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  Speed Controllers

Pro.C Max Programming Box

Pro.C Max Programming Box is designed to make the programming of the Pro.C Max speedcontrollers easier and faster. It displays the programmeable parameters of the speedcontroller on its LCD screen.

With the Pro.C Max Programming Box, you can program different parameters, view last flight data such as maximum RPM and Average RPM and store and transfer settings to/from the speedcontroller.

The programmeable features using the Pro.C Max Programming Box are:

  • Battery type
  • Cut off voltage
  • Cutt off type
  • Motor direction
  • Advance timing
  • Acceleration
  • Start Power
  • Amount of air brakes (or switch off air brakes) - only in aircraft mode
  • Response of Governor - only in helicopter mode
  • Reverse function - only in boat/car mode
  • Restore or backup parameter to/from Pro.C Max speedcontroller

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