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  Electric Motor
Reno series
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Reno 3700 brushless motor

Reno 3700 features a built-in heatsink motor casing to cool this racing motor for maximum performance.

This motor is specially designed for up to 400 class micro electric helicopters. Reno 3700 comes with a 2.3mm shaft diameter to fit most pinions on the micro electric helicopters.

The Reno 3700 is also suitable for electric plyon racers and 55mm ducted fan unit.

The specifications for this motor is:

  • RPM/V (or KV): 3700
  • Max current: 16A
  • Dimension (ODxL): 24.3x44.1mm
  • Shaft diameter: 2.3mm
  • Weight: 61.8g

Our sample test result from our test bench:


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