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  Electric Motor
Motor kit
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ER2208K brushless motor kit

Tahmazo ER-2208K is a motor kit for those who wants to customise their motor for park flyers. With this motor kit, you can have your outrunner with KV from 1140 to 1880.

This motor kit comes equipped with

  • top grade segment magnets,
  • dual ball bearings,
  • shaft for front and back mounting,
  • radial mount,
  • wires and heat shrink sleeves,
  • gold connectors,
  • propeller adaptors and
  • screws

The assembly of the motor is also made easier as the magnets are already installed while the dual ball bearings are factory-prepressed onto the motor core.

Specifications of ER-2208K:

  • Dimension: 28x25mm
  • Shaft dimeter: 3.17mm

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