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DC Watt Meter

DC Watt Meter is a indispensible instrument for measuring and calculating the electrical parameters of your circuit and get the most out of your equipment.

Here are some reasons for using the DC Watt Meter. The DC Watt Meter helps you:

  1. Predict the model setup's flight time
  2. Choose the best propeller or gearing with the appropriate motor
  3. Check the condition and usability of your battery
  4. Ensure operating currents are safe for motor, wiring, connectors and speedcontroller
  5. Measure power and energy consumption of the devices with a battery

The features of this DC Watt Meter are:

  1. Small, rugged and light weight
  2. Measures Current (A), Voltage (V), Power (Watts) and Charge (Amp-Hour)
  3. Accuracy up to 0.01A Current and 0.01V Voltage resolutions
  4. Handles up to 100A maximum current and 70A continuous current
  5. 16x2 character LCD display
  6. Built-in low resistance sensing resistor that does not affect the model's performance
  7. Equipped with AWG14 high silicon rubber insulated wire without connectors


  1. Dimension: 87.4g, 100x55x23mm
  2. Voltage: 3.3-50vDC
  3. Current: 0-100A (70A continuous)

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