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TS-D9050 has a torque of 99kg.cm

T37 Twin-Doubles the Power

TS-D9050 is a heavy duty, metal gear and digital servo with a torque of 99kg.cm (at 7.4v). The servo can operate from 4.8v to 8.4v and works with all major radio control systems with standard PWM signal.

We know that the D9050 also requires a rugged case as it is going to be employed in tough situations. So we encased the D9050 in a durable yet light weight CNC machined alloy for heavy duty usage and at the same time, protects the advanced digital servo controller from the elements.

For more details of this servo, click here.

T37 Twin Charger - Doubles the Power, with dual independent charging and discharging output. The power output on each output port can also be adjusted. Using Tahmazo Connect software, you can view your operations on your PC via the USB port.



A new AC/DC Compact multi charger-T12 Compact is now available

Pro.C S-series speedcontroller is safe and simple to use

A multi and yet compact AC/DC charger is now available - Tahmazo T12 Compact.

Tahmazo T12 Compact AC/DC charger is capable of charging NiCd,NiMh,LiIo,LiPo and LiFe and can be powered with either a DC11-15v or AC110-240v. With a built-in balancer for lithium batteries, you can use this charger at home or at the field. 

Pro.C S-series speedcontrollers is a line of Safe and Simple speedcontrollers. Safety features built-in the Pro.C S-series speedcontrollers include the safety switch to prevent accidental start, safe start feature and low voltage cutoff. Pro.C S-series ESCs can be used immediately without any programming. The ESC automatically detects the number of lithium cells and sets the cut-off voltage to prevent unnecessary damages to your battery. Switching on the brakes can be set using the throttle stick and does not need programming card or software.

Pro.C S-series speedcontrollers are available in 13A, 25A, 35A and 45A.


T210X is a lithium powered all-in-one starter

Fuel Gauge for Electric Flight

T210X all-in-one starter packs a powerful punch and now for a longer running time. Using the latest lithium technology commonly used in other consumer electrical applicance, the T210X will extend the running time from each charge. Other features include a silicon starter cone and a new ruggedly built starter support.

Tahmazo LP-4B Lipo meter with battery balancer is a plug-and-play fuel gauge for electric flight. The LP-4B will instantly show the voltage of the individual cells using the JSTXHP balancing connector of the battery pack.

LP-4B will assess the voltage of the cells and upon user's command, balance the battery pack. LP-4B displays the voltage of each cell during the balancing process, providing important information about the condition of the lithium pack.

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